Advantages of On-Line Health and Safety Training Courses

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A professional in any industry should be educated and well informed about the scope of their job. However, it may be most important for those in the health and safety industry to be fully trained and knowledgeable. Having proper training can mean even be life or death in some instances. To keep up with the needs of the industry, many companies are turning to On-Line Health and Safety Training Courses to keep their employees at the top of their game.

On-Line Health and Safety Training Courses
 are Cost Effective

For many companies, the greatest benefit of instilling an eLearning program is the cost-effectiveness. Cutting down on the training costs can be very beneficial to the bottom line. The reasons eLearning is so much easier on the budget is because there is no need to hire instructors, employee workflow isn’t as disrupted, and there is no need for employees to travel to a training location.

Online Training Reduces the Amount of Time Spent Training

Due to the efficiency of an eLearning program, there is much less time spent on training than there are when using a traditional method. Training no longer needs to disrupt schedules because employees can complete modules in their downtime. Because the modules can be done at any computer or even on a smartphone, employees can do the courses from the comfort of their regular workspace.

Online Training is Easy to Update

The health and safety industry is always changing, and new requirements and regulations are being implemented. The eLearning platforms that are initially created for training employees can easily be updated to accommodate new changes as they are rolled out. The necessary training information can always be kept up-to-date and completely accurate.

Online Training Will Help Companies Avoid Compliance Penalties

Providing training to your employees is necessary for a variety of reasons but ensuring that everyone is properly trained in the health and safety industry keeps companies in compliance with the law. The government can issue fines and penalties for failing to provide proper training, and eLearning modules can help your company avoid those costly penalties. Your employees will always be trained on time, and your company will always have the records and reports on hand to prove that the training occurred in compliance with the law.

Online Training Lets Employees Take Ownership of Their Knowledge

The online training method is a learn at your own pace type of method. Your employees can move through the eLearning modules at a rate that suits their learning style. They are allowed to take ownership of the rate at which their training will take place. Plus, an eLearning platform will keep those employees more engaged in the data that is being provided because it incorporates many different learning styles. Employees will be able to speed through the areas that they have a better understanding of, and they will be able to take their time in the areas where they may be struggling with the information.

Online Training Distributes Knowledge

There may be particular areas that one employee knows very well, and he or she may be the go-to person for the rest of the team when those areas need to be addressed. While this practice may work some of the time, it can cause real snags within the organization if the go-to person is out sick or on vacation. Online learning modules can help distribute knowledge more evenly. Everyone on the team can be privy to the whole picture, and the go-to person can be absent without grinding activities to a halt.

We have a real depth and breadth of experience creating online Health and Safety related training material with many existing scripts/programmes for you to benchmark from. Indeed we count the HSA as a valued client. If you would like to discuss implementing an eLearning platform for your health and safety company, Dillon Productions is here to help. Contact us today to discuss your online learning needs.

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