5 Reasons Why Businesses Change eLearning Companies

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Your number one goal is to make sure that all members of the company are on the same page regarding the expectations of behaviour, and that each of them understands the rules and the regulations that govern the company and keep it aligned with its mission statement. 

To help you implement your strategies, you have likely enlisted the help of an eLearning provider, but over time, you may find that your chosen provider is NOT giving you what you need. Maybe you think the training modules need updating or you are recognizing some signs within the company’s culture that things aren’t as they should be.

Here are five reasons that many other compliance managers have chosen to change their eLearning providers. You may relate to some of these issues.

#1 New Legislation or Regulations

There are always going to be changes in legislation, just like every aspect of a business, it is constantly evolving. Your company’s training modules must be able to keep up with these changes and adapt accordingly. New legislation or initiatives will create a whole new slew of compliance areas that must be implemented. Plus, there are social changes that will influence your company policies as well. For instance, the way that society is evolving their views on mental health and the importance of understanding the effects of stress can change the entire culture of your company. As a training manager, these are the changes that you are constantly looking for, but are your training methods keeping up with these legislative and societal shifts?

While small changes may be easy to fill in with your current training systems, major changes may require an entirely new system. Having an eLearning system that can be edited or adjusted online is definitely an easier, and likely more cost-effective, way of handling the new training needs.

#2 A Spike in Risk Factors

Changes in legislation are a straightforward reason to update or change your eLearning system, but what about the more subtle reasons that may point to the need for change? They aren’t always as easy to recognize until they become a major issue. This is where the training manager has to be diligent. Noticing things like failures to be compliant and risky employee behaviour won’t be easy to spot until it becomes the norm. As more and more employees develop avoidance strategies, it will become a part of the company culture with new employees learning the same bad habits established employees are prone to developing.

You may need to evaluate the effectiveness of your eLearning program. It may not be providing the necessary impact or getting the employee response that you desire.

#3 Lack of Access

To be effective, eLearning programs need to offer more than just a single training event. Your employees will need a continuous process that is accessible. You will need to be able to adjust and update the materials as is needed to reflect the changes in legislation, cultural norms, and company policy. However, those updates aren’t effective if only the new hires are exposed to them. Established and long-term employees also need to be notified of relevant changes to the training programs.

If an eLearning platform can create notifications to individual employees, and they are able to discover the new information on their own, it will save the company from having to orchestrate company-wide or department-wide training events. Having the employees be responsible for their own training is also in line with the modern way of learning. People tend to be more engaged when they are held accountable and must be pro-active.

#4 Lack of Mobile Options

In this day and age, much of the day-to-day work in any company is done via the smartphone. Whether it is speaking with clients, responding to emails, or even having Skype meetings, mobile is an important function of the workday. Many clients or customer interactions will happen away from the office and away from the desk. It is critical that employees be able to access information on staying compliant while not physically in the office.

Having a mobile option for your eLearning platform means that your training can be fully brought into the regular workflow in a way that makes sense for your employees. If you want to truly reach and influence the members of your workforce, you need to have an eLearning program that can go where they are.

#5 No Innovation

Standing still is not an option for your eLearning provider. Your company information and procedures are not just a set body of information that will be read once and put out of mind by your employees. It needs to be a dynamic training program that evolves as the regulations develop and change. It isn’t enough to just add the new information to the old system. The eLearning provider needs to be pliable and change the way that the information is delivered and evaluated.

Anything that looks or feels outdated to your employees will be taken less seriously. You want to make sure that your eLearning provider keeps things fresh and current. Programs should be engaging and offer true value for the employees.

Finding an eLearning Provider that Works for You

The eLearning provider should be up to date with the newest technologies in order to increase employee access and engagement. The world of compliance is constantly changing and so are the people that are using your eLearning systems. The platform needs to keep up, and it needs to understand how to meld with the workflow. Creating a personalised and learner-centric fluid program is crucial. It can’t be a static system.

Dillon Productions offers innovative eLearning solutions. Our programs improve talent and performance in the workplace by providing the best learning solutions. Our custom eLearning programs can offer mobile options, virtual classroom training options, and even blended learning programs. We can build online training that will work for your company.

We are focused on getting you the results that you need, and to do that, we can help you determine what type of programs will work best for your employees and how those programs can be delivered in the most efficient way. Our process is simple. We design the program that suits your need, then we build it.

Don’t struggle with an eLearning program that isn’t meeting your compliance needs. Talk to us and let us figure out how to improve training at your company.

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