Video Production

W e specialise in creating stand alone instructional training videos. Our clients use our video production content for training and communications purposes where access is required across multiple devices like smart phones, tablets, lap tops and desk tops. More and more businesses are looking for micro learning and informal training using short topic specific video.

For video production, we supply our own crews, cameras, drones and related equipment for on-location shoots.  All video production, pre-production and post-production is retained in-house.

Our Video Productions are increasingly used for informal learning and social media. Aimed at growing and engaging your audience, Social Video should be short to match attention spans, work to develop the character of your brand and foster brand familiarity.


A key premise of the production is to ensure the theme for each video is on message and the participants are central to the video.

We handle all aspects of the production which includes front end analysis, scripting, storyboarding, graphic production, casting, video production, audio production, authoring & programming. Included in this is the prepping of actors if needed, staff for interviews or vox pops, customers and subject matter expert interviews. All used graphics are in line with your brand guidelines and agreed with you.

We project manage the production and coordinate closely with you across the key stages in the process.


The editing is carried out in our offices in Dublin with a nominated senior editor for your video project. We provide an Alpha version of the video(s) for review and provide feedback for changes to be made. This process can be completed remotely, or you can come to our office and sit with the editing team.

Once the Alpha version is signed off, we move to Beta and then Gold. We can supply the video in whatever file format you need and work with your LMS/IT providers for uploading and testing purposes.

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