The Top 10 Online Training Advantages for Your Business

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The future of on the job training is in eLearning. Business owners will find that more and more employees, customers, and business partners will expect some sort of on-demand, online training system. Any company that fails to provide one, will be left in the dark ages.

Not convinced that an eLearning model is right for your organisation? Read about these 10 advantages for implementing one.

  1. Engagement: Many employees will admit that those traditional classroom training sessions where they listen to a lecturer speak for hours is horribly boring and not very effective. However, eLearning programs can be made much more engaging because they incorporate different elements such as videos, quizzes, and even games. Making them more immersive and less passive, the entire process sparks more engagement than traditional training sessions.
  2. Flexible and Convenient: Having a high-quality eLearning platform means the training sessions are highly flexible. The modules can be done from any location with WiFi access, and they can usually be completed on multiple types of devices. Employees can complete their training modules form their own desk or while travelling to a conference. The flexibility and the convenience of an eLearning module cannot be achieved with any other type of training module.
  3. Cost-Effective: The initial set up of an eLearning program may make you think that it is more expensive than a traditional method. Yet, it will actually save money fon the training budget over time. Online training can be used over and over again without having to hire instructors, book a venue, or have events catered. Plus, the systems are generally pretty easy to update when training needs change.
  4. Suits Different Learning Styles: It is a proven fact that people learn best using different methods. Some people need videos, others need to take notes, and some simply need to listen to information. A huge benefit to using eLearning training modules is that they incorporate all of the different types of learning styles so employees can get the understanding that they need.
  5. Measurable: Using an eLearning platform allows an employer to know just how effective the training module has been. The data and metrics regarding the results of the program are easy to pull and collate. Reports can be generated instantly.
  6. Self-Paced: It is unusual for a group of new hires to all have the same level of knowledge and experience which means the traditional methods of training are difficult to teach in a group. On the other hand, eLearning modules allow everyone to work as quickly or as slowly as they need, and everyone can get the most out of the program.
  7. Adaptability: An eLearning module can be changed and adapted to the needs of your business. Marketplace changes tend to happen all the time, and it is important that the training module be able to adapt just as quickly. Online platforms can be tweaked and changed in an almost instant manner.
  8. Modern: Most people in the modern era spend a good portion of their time using their smartphones, computers, or gaming systems. It is simply how the world works nowadays. Having an eLearning system is more in line with this way of life. Plus, most businesses run using these same technological systems which is why it is even more important for the training to mirror the business world.
  9. Scaleable: Ideally, your business will continue to grow, and you will need a training module that can grow with you. An eLearning program can add new users quite easily, and it can even add sections or modules for entirely new departments. This scalability makes it an ideal choice for a new and growing business.
  10. Immediate Feedback: Your employees won’t have to wait around for days or weeks to find out where they need improvement and where they exceed expectations. An eLearning platform can give feedback on quizzes and tests immediately. This allows employees to gauge their strengths and weaknesses on the spot, while the information is still fresh in the mind.

If you are ready to discuss an eLearning platform for your business, Dillon Productions is ready. Contact one of our eLearning experts today.

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