Why Have a Corporate Video?

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If you want your potential customers to relate to your business, you can get that quickly and easily with a high-quality corporate video. People like to know that the companies they are pushing are run by actual people. Providing them with video proof of those people is exactly how you get them to feel connected and relate to your brand.

It has been proven time and time again that the use of video boosts engagement which in turn increases sales. Getting this increased relatability is just one of the many reasons why adding a video to your marketing efforts will have such an effect on your bottom line.


Reach More Customers

The video makes social media users stop in the scrolling tracks and take notice. If you get enough people to take a look at your company video, you can increase your engagement. When your potential customers and/or actual customers like, share, and comment on your videos, it puts you on the social media newsfeeds of even more potential customers.

If you are lucky enough to create a piece of video content that goes viral, then you will have millions of people looking at your brand. Social sharing sites love video, and social media users love to watch videos. Give those users what they want, and you may find that you are doubling or tripling your customer base on a regular basis.

Increase Your Customer’s Understanding

People that work outside of your particular industry may not be familiar with all the terms and jargon that is second nature to you and your employees. The copy on your website may not be informative enough for your potential customers to truly grasp what your brand is all about or what you may be offering. A high-quality explainer video can clear up any confusion your potential customers may have, and this can increase your sales exponentially.

Plus, you can use videos to showcase your new goods or products as soon as they roll off the line. Customers love watching videos that showcase the uses of a product. Use video to show off your innovations.

Increases Your Rankings

Google loves a good video, and when you have a well-made video on your site, you can increase your rankings. It is important that you make sure you have properly done your SEO (search engine optimisation) Your video should have an informative title with a keyword in it. Plus, you should have a clear description with keywords captioning your video.

It has been proven that pages with videos on them are more likely to end up on Google’s front page. Being more “searchable” is a key way to earning a larger customer base.

Gives a Call to Action

Making a video that catches the eyes of your potential customers is good, but when you include a clear call to action within your video, it can be great. When people come to your company website curious about what you have to offer, the video will naturally help them understand what you are all about. Yet, when you include the call to action, you can spur the potential customers on to the next step. They can become actual customers and make a purchase, but many won’t take that step unless you specifically tell them to.

Dillon Productions can help you make the videos you need for your website. We have an in-house team of experts that are well-versed in all aspects of video production. You will get the benefit of top-quality equipment, professional actors, and a professional editing team to ensure that your videos are all worthy of representing your brand.

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