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At Dillon Productions, we know that we are the right company to handle your online learning needs. Our staff is comprised of experienced media professionals with backgrounds in various areas including film, instructional design, editing, sound, and pre/postproduction.

Plus, our creative team is able to deliver instructional design, graphic design, and animation. These two teams work together seamlessly to complete complex projects. What this means for our clients is that they receive dedicated resources and the collaborative work of our expert staff. Due to all of the resources and skills that Dillon productions have in house, we are able to offer an eLearning experience that is tailored to each and every customer.

The Elements of Online Learning

Your company will receive an eLearning course that is full of engaging graphics, rich features, and expert videos. You can choose the various ccustomisations that you want, and they can include things like:

  • In-vision presenters
  • Expert interviews regarding the subject matter
  • Case Studies
  • Role Plays
  • Animations
  • Interactive tasks and quizzes
  • Pieces to camera with senior managers or vox pops with staff

Your company can expect each video to use a professional in-vision presenter and voice-over artist, and all of the courses are completely built in-house which is why we can ensure the quality of the modules.

Our systematic instructional design model has five phases:

  1. Analysis: This phase generally takes about a week, and it includes the initial workshop. We will explore your requirements, and give you details of what you can expect. The initial treatment will be created, and we can also give suggestions on what we think about would be appropriate for your design. LMS (Learning Management System), and data hosting can be provided at this stage if required.
  2. Design: This phase generally takes about one week, and it is where the concepts for your courses will be delivered. We will also create storyboards and write scripts for your approval.
  3. Development: This phase can take up to four weeks. This is where the bulk of the production will take place. Videos will be shot and edited. The courses will be created, using the latest instructional design software and we provide functional prototypes for your review.
  4. Implementation: This phase generally takes one week. The completed course will be handed over to your company, and the branded portal will be created. You will be able to allocate users on the system.
  5. Evaluation: This is the final phase of the design model, and it is where you will be able to evaluate the completed course material.

You can expect to receive a live Alpha version of your online learning courses during the development or implementation phase. This allows you to review the course and request any edits that you deem necessary.

Learning Management System

In addition to creating the courses for our eLearning platform, Dillon Productions can also host your content. We have an installed base of 40,000, and on average, we have 3,500 users actively engaged in our portals each month.

Your company will have a unique and branded portal where your courses will reside. Dillon Productions will create an attractive user interface that will be stable and secure. Your employees will find it easy to navigate, and upon completion of each course, they will receive digital certificates. We can configure reports for you to export using a wide range of metrics.

Dillon Productions

Let us create an eLearning platform that will work for you. You can expect to the utmost quality in video production, animation design, and overall course design when you choose to partner with Dillon Productions. Let’s discuss your training needs today, get in touch using our contact page.

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