Why On-line Employee Training Works

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There are many advantages to choosing an eLearning platform for On-line Employee Training.  Research has shown that when compared to the traditional instructor-led type of training, eLearning comes out on top time and time again.

An eLearning system will work for your employees, here is why:

It is Cost-Effective

When discussing the advantages of a particular program, it is always good to start at the point that is most interesting to the business owner: the budget. Good news on that front, eLearning platforms are a cost-effective way to train a large group of employees.

An online training module alleviates the need for a trainer, and it doesn’t require a large venue or the use of a catering company. Employees simply need some sort of WiFi compatible devices such as a smartphone or a computer, and they can complete the training anywhere.

It Saves Time on Training

A business won’t simply save money on the cost of the program, but the company will also devote less time to training which also affects the bottom line. In fact, using an eLearning platform can reduce the amount of time an employee spends training by up to 60%. That is a significant amount of time which means it is a significant amount of savings.

It is More Memorable

People learn in different ways, and the various methods used in an eLearning platform allow the employee to retain more of the information that they have learned. The use of varying techniques such as quizzes, videos, and even games makes the material stand out in the employee’s mind in a way that a lecturer given by an in-person trainer isn’t capable of producing.

It is a Continuous Resource

The eLearning modules used ifor employee training can be accessed again and again. This means that the employee can go back and review any information they need a refresher on at any time. Unlike traditional training methods, the eLearning platform is always ready to teach new skills or review old ones.

It Inspires Participation

Some of your employees will be more reserved than others, and some may even have a bit of social anxiety. These personality traits can keep those employees from fully participating in a group training session. Yet, those same drawbacks will not affect them in an eLearning platform. All of your employees will have an equal opportunity to feel engaged with their training, no matter the particular quirks of their personality.

It Allows All Employees to Learn

A group instructor-led training session can only be attended by those employees that can travel to the training classroom. Yet, an eLearning platform can be used by any of your employees, no matter their location. This is really useful for a global company because they can program the training modules into any language, and no travel is required to attend.

It Can Always Grow

Your company may only have a handful of employees today, but that doesn’t mean your numbers won’t grow eventually. An eLearning platform is able to grow with your company. It is easily scalable, and it can be adjusted when new departments or branches of your business open up.

It Gives Instant (or Nearly Instant) Feedback

As soon as your employees finish a training module, they can be provided with feedback about their results. This is very helpful because it allows the training employee to go back and reassess the information that they did not learn as accurately, and it can be done immediately while the information is fresh.

As you can see, eLearning has many advantages for the employees as well as the business as a whole. If your company is considering implementing an eLearning platform, Dillon Productions will be there with you every step of the way.

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