5 Ways Video Services can Promote Your Company

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It has been proven that marketers or companies that use video services see higher growth in their revenue. Some statistics even point to the level of growth being nearly 50%. Video services can be so much more than a marketing tool, however. Businesses can use it to explain, introduce, or demonstrate. In fact, there are many ways that video can be used to promote a company.

In this article, we will cover five ways that having a high-quality video can promote your company.

Explain Your Brand

When a business wants potential customers to know what it is that they do, telling them is always an option. However, getting people to read long pages of copy can be very difficult. If that copy is boring or full of technical jargon, it will be nearly impossible.

A high-quality video, however, will snag your potential customer’s interest and draw them in. You will be able to convey the information you want to convey in a much more interesting way. Explainer videos can cut through the confusion and the jargon and give the customer a much clearer picture of what your brand and your business are all about.

Demonstrate Your Products

Shoppers love innovation and products that are unique. Yet, if your product is truly innovative and new, the customer may not even understand what it is that you are offering. A high-quality video on your website or social media page can be used to demonstrate the use of your product. By showing your goods in action, you will be able to increase the number of potential customers that turn into actual customers.

Gives You Social Proof

Good reviews can go a long way toward building trust with your potential customers. In the modern era, social proof can be more important the celebrity endorsements or ingenious explanations. Adding video proof of your good reviews or testimonials can increase your trust and interest in your brand. It offers a very authentic way for a potential customer to experience what it might feel like to be an actual customer.

Show Your Personality

Many companies have started using behind the scenes videos as a way to showcase the personality of the company or the brand. Modern consumers are no longer interested in making purchases from faceless automation, they want to know who the faces are behind their favorite brands. Having a behind the scenes video allows customers to get a little peek behind the curtain where they can get a better understanding of what the company stands for.

Recruits and Trains Employees

When you are looking to add to your team, a recruiting video can be just the thing to build interest in your available positions. These videos can be more than just an HR rep speaking to the camera and describing the needs of the company. You can create videos that show exactly what working in your business is like. You can showcase your atmosphere and your vibe.

You can also use video as part of your online or eLearning modules that help to train your employees. Many people learn more efficiently when they are able to watch a video instead of simply reading a wall of text. Videos can help employees retain more information. They are a practical tool that can be created once and used over and over again in your training program.

Creating quality video for your business has never been easier. Dillon Productions has an in-house team of experts that can create outstanding quality videos to accommodate any of your company needs whether you are looking to do explainer videos or train employees, Dillon Productions can help.

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