E Learning – The Learning Revolution for Irish SMEs

Is E Learning the answer to Irish SMEs training dilemma?

In short, E Learning is the act of engaging in an educational course in an online setting, with the use of videos, presenters, scenarios, interactivities, quizzes, or assessments. E learning courses have become an invaluable resource for most established, large-scale businesses and are now becoming invaluable to SMEs, this blog will discuss how e learning and online training are essential for SME’s in order to compete with the ever-growing market.

On a basic level, E-Learning training courses satisfy the industry-specific legislative requirements that companies are required to train staff in, such as Manual Handling or Fire Evacuation Procedures. However, they also allow companies to build and design digital training content specifically for their company, that will effectively enhance employee performance, whilst guaranteeing all personnel are collaboratively progressing toward the businesses’ overarching goal.

E-learning - The Learning Revolution for Irish SMEs


The Learning Revolution 

SMEs are pivotal to the success of the Irish economy, making up 72% of all private sector employment in Ireland. This sector has been slow to come around to E-Learning and Online training solutions, however, more and more small and medium-sized Irish companies are switching to e-learning as a more cost-effective and efficient way to educate staff.

In Ireland, there has been a definite progression from a service-based economy to a more complex knowledge-based, digital economy. The Irish government is placing emphasis on a culture of continual learning and personal development within the workplace. Technology enthusiasts refer to it as a “learning revolution”.

The changes to the modern market pose problems for Irish SMEs, as they struggle to attain the expensive technological tools required to remain competitive with rival companies, in an ever-expanding European market. If Irish SME’S want to embrace the learning revolution and develop their organisation into a technology-orientated, knowledge-based company, they will need to invest in strategies for lifelong learning.


What are the benefits for an SME?

E-Learning and Online training is a cost-sensitive method for SMEs. One of the clearest benefits for businesses is the return on investment, as e-learning guarantees cost-relative delivery. The fact training can be accessed and replicated across multiple locations, through the simple use of an internet connection, also eliminates travel and hotel expenses for training summits. In turn, this reduces key personnel absenteeism, as staff no longer have to train off-site, for SMEs with a small number of employees this can be crucial to the running of their business.

E-Learning ensures the standardisation of training. The training given in each location will be consistent, progress and results can be monitored centrally with real-time feedback, and both management and employees receive feedback after the completion of each course. E learning is hugely engaging for users, with the combinational use of videos, interactives and quizzes. The result of this creative teaching process is that the users become immersed in the training course, which in turn increases information retention levels of training material.


Is it worth the investment?

A large number of academic studies have accredited e learning with being a more beneficial educational tool, in comparison with traditional classroom training, due to its interactivity and Learning. Unfortunately, some smaller companies with limited resources are stagnating in their approach to training and unintentionally hindering prospective growth.

“Although continuous staff training is vital to the success of any company, many SMEs have limited resources and find it difficult to send staff on training courses and continuous competency development initiatives. E-Learning has the ability to provide SMEs with a cost-effective, flexible and convenient solution to many of these dilemmas.” Sinead Mellet and Emma O’Brien

Smaller businesses often lack the financial resources to independently design a bespoke training course for their business, due to popular demand Dillon Productions have launched an Off-The-Shelf Training Solution for all SME’s who do not have big budgets to spend on training. This Byte Sized Suite consists of 14 + training sessions, these sessions provide a fully interactive learning experience, with expert interviews, content-rich video, presenters, scenarios, etc.  They are perfect for online training, toolbox talks or tutor-led training.

The range of sessions offered in this suite varies from Slips, Trips & Falls, Manual Handling, Chemical Safety, Ergonomics, Bullying in the workplace and much more. They also customise and tailor an introductory module featuring your CEO or EHS Officer.

For more information call Dillon Productions directly on 01 298 0736 or email john@dillonproductions.com

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