What is ELearning & Online Learning Courses?

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ELearning & Online Learning Courses

ELearning refers to any educational stimuli delivered through the medium of digital technologies. Due to the increased accessibility of the internet and advances in technology, more and more people are turning to e-learning to meet their education and training needs.

For Businesses, Online Training and e-Learning online learning courses are most commonly used as an instructional tool to distribute valuable company knowledge, skills and attitudes. They are specifically designed to provide employees with instant access to key company knowledge banks, which will improve their overall working performance and welfare.

“Elearning has come a long way since its initial concept, it started as ‘computer based training’ which was all text and accessed on a dial-up modem. Once broadband was introduced this all changed. A large amount of companies are still using text only online training courses to train their staff, either to save money or because they need to tick a Compliance box.

For the most part people are keeping up with technological advances, so why should online learning be excluded? I suppose its because I spent 20 years in TV before moving into eLearning that makes it hard for me to look at a product that is not visually interesting. By the way training does not have to be boring!”                

James Dillon, Managing Director, Dillon Productions Ltd.

Dillon’s main goal is to build a high quality, efficient and effective training experience for their clients, at a more affordable and competitive price. Educating employees through visually engaging and interactive training, has huge benefits to any company and incites a real positive effect on employee performance and satisfaction.  

Advantages of E-learning

Many businesses are now investing heavily in e-learning as their training solution. Here are some advantages of elearning;

Cost-Effective One of the clearest benefits for businesses is the return on investment as e-learning guarantees cost-effective delivery.

Increase Performance and Productivity – When training with e-learning systems, employees have the flexibility to complete their online course in a timeframe that suits them, they can go at their own pace and re-watch or listen to the topic as many times as they wish, it also allows employees to revisit key information right when they need it.

Convenience – E-learning allows management and employees more flexibility to complete their training. The fact that e-learning online training courses can be remotely accessed, makes it convenient to the modern mobile workforce, who can complete training programmes when and where they like.

Feedback – Both management and employees receive real-time feedback after the completion of each course. Management receives up to date reports of each course and they are able to see employee’s progress.

Retention – As mentioned this type of learning is hugely engaging for users, with the combinational use of videos, interactives and quizzes. As a result of this creative teaching process, the users become immersed in the training course which in turn increase the retention level.

It is clear that E-Learning has extensive positive qualities that will aid development for both personal development and business development. E-learning is an excellent sharing tool, key information and company knowledge is immediately available, and can be rapidly exchanged with, all the organisation’s employees and key stakeholders.




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