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ore and more businesses are struggling to keep up with the technologies and processes needed to protect their computers, networks and data from unauthorised access. The impact of employee behaviour on Information Security is a major cause for concern and training in this area at all levels of your organisation is paramount. Dillon have been working in this area for some time developing on-line training courses in Data Protection, Information Security, Freedom of Information and Anti Fraud.

Information Security is an essential requirement for every business big and small.

We work with clients in the public and private sector developing tailored courses. With the advent of GDPR the need for staff awareness training in Data Protection is essential.

We film on location incorporating a mix of your people, offices, facilities and/or vehicles. We use case studies and real-life scenarios to simulate events. Some clients opt to use a combination of their own staff and our professional actors in these scenes. Interactive quizzes, in vision presenters, professional voice over and interviews with subject matter experts add an additional rich context and depth to the learning experience.

In addition to the course production, we offer optional e-learning hosting services on our Learning Management System. Providing a branded e learning portal with staff administration rights you can track users activity and produce management reports. Completion certificates come as standard and they can be branded & personalised to your needs.

We specialise in Bespoke Course production and would be more than happy to talk with you about specific subjects and their content. Please feel free to contact us directly on 01 298 0736 and we can provide you with a demo of our courses.

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