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magine a situation where your new employee arrives on their first day having already completed the company induction programme. They are energised and ready to go and you have freed up invaluable HR resources and time. Our HR Induction Training programme tick all the boxes you need. Indeed they can be used for new employees, or as refreshers for existing or contracted staff. They are designed in a modular format to accommodate updates in legislation, policy & procedures, video, subject matter and graphical changes that may be required over time.

The ability to deliver your HR Induction training to new employees or contract staff using e-learning is both cost effective and efficient.

Every business is different and the content and approach for on-boarding new employees or contract staff won’t be the same. We have developed a range of HR Induction courses over the years and typically best practice will cover the following areas as a minimum.

  • Welcome to the Company
  • Policy and Procedures
  • Benefits
  • Welfare & Health
  • Code of Conduct
  • Information Security
  • Bullying & Harassment
  • Absence & Sickness
  • Pensions & Payroll

We have generic scripts and storyboards to get you started and will work with you on additional topics or areas to be covered. We build the courses in modular form and this allows you to add in links to your policies and procedures. On the production side, we would need about two days for on-location filming. This will include a piece to camera from the CEO, MD, or HR Director. We will also shoot scenes of your facilities, people, and other areas deemed relevant.

Our Instructional Design and Production Teams get to work on the branding, graphics and editing. Two weeks into the project we present you with an Alpha version. This is an opportunity to fine-tune the content and the look and feel of the course. In the final week, we move onto a Beta version where minor edits and changes can be made before presentation of the Gold finished programme.

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