Pressa Website re-design

Pressa Website re-design

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PHECC – Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council

Description:Provision of a suite of courses aimed at Paramedics, Advanced Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians and Cardiac First Responders with the provision of annual hosting services on the Dillon Academy LMS.


A six module course of one hour each and translated into 5 different languages for Linde’s global operations. On location filming in Germany with expert interviews, in-vision presenters, real life case studies, professional voice over, and interactive quizzes.



Bespoke e-learning course for contractors who need to work on ESB Windfarms in Ireland. Hosted by Dillon Academy LMS and integrated with the ESB control centre for the control of contractors.

Dillon Productions Intro

Short introduction showing some of the work Dillon Productions does


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Tristique Turpis Ltd.

What we did

Photography / Graphic design / Web design

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